We are happy to present you an innovative technology of raster picture enhancement.

TKC Qiusa Raster Technology

In this technology the original look of a processed file is restored - regardless of its content.These files include: handmade colour drawings; monochromatic ozalid prints or documents typed either on a typing machine or computer.The technology preserves the colour, size and shape of the original.

The document is legible as it does not contain the background layer - which has no information related to the content of the document itself.

TKC Qiusa Raster Technology

The presented technology can be applied to all types of situations where a transparent and legible document is required.


Exemplary applications:

  • handmade and printed maps,
  • documents written in pen or pencil,
  • public documents,
  • all types of technical documentation,
  • accounting documents,
  • documents with some content transferred to the reverse side,
  • ozalid, blueprints,
  • photographs of documents,
  • archives.


  • Improved readability of scanned documents (quality of the original),
  • colour compatibility of both the processed picture and the original
  • background layer removal (99% of precision),
  • default white background in the picture (or other at your request)
  • no merging of linear elements - compatibility with the original,
  • a raster picture with 0% loss of content in relation to the original,
  • map rasters with desired cartometricity can be scanned at a resolution of 254 dpi. The resolution of 400 dpi is no more required.
  • the readability of a raster map is comparable to a vector map,
  • Easier raster editing (calibration, vectorization, etc.)
  • Low mass storage requirements (hard drives) - up to 20 times,
  • Low toner or ink consumption - (up to 20 times),
  • faster and more efficient sending via the internet (small file sizes),

We have been dealing with the analysis and image processing technologies for over 20 years.

We are looking forward to doing business with you.